Emmerdale producer Stuart Blackburn confirmed on an appearance on This Morning today that the assisted suicide storyline will continue as a long journey, despite complaints.

Speaking on the morning show alongside actor Marc Silcock, who played Jackson, he stated that "all actions have a consequence. There will be a trial and it's a long, long journey for Aaron".

The show came under fire when it ran an assisted suicide storyline involving tetraplegic character Jackson. Ofcom registered a number of complaints, some calling the portrayl of the storyline 'negative' and 'unrealistic'. Suffering from spinal cord injuries, viewers watched as Jackson's family and partner Aaron aided him to drink a cocktail of drugs and take his own life.

Blackburn gave his comments on the public reaction, stating that "we tried, at every level, to be as sensible as we possibly could and we think we achieved that".

"Great drama puts people in the position where they think what would I do if I was in Jackson's position. It was just such a powerful and emotive story. I think, overall, it's gone down incredibly well and we're now sitting here having an adult debate about the issues it raised."

Blackburn also hinted at the possibilty of a live episode of the popular soap, but dismissed any confirmed reports. He said that the set is so far apart that it would be incredibly hard to achieve but didn't doubt that it could possibly be done. "I'm always very excited about that but they are just rumours" he added, teasing loyal viewers.

However, he confirmed that there were big plans for the 40th birthday of the show next year.