'Coronation Street's Katherine Kelly has admitted that she found it "horrendous" filming the scenes when social services took Max away from Becky and Steve. Warning: Spoiler Alert!

Speaking on the soap's official website, Kelly discussed shooting the scenes, after it is discovered that the couple paid Becky's sister Kylie (Paula Lane) to keep her son.

The actress revealed: "Filming the scenes when they took Max away were just horrendous.

"Absolutely heartbreaking, on both levels.

"Little Harry is such a gorgeous boy and I'm going to miss him so much. He brightens mine and Simon's [Gregson] world and now we're not going to see him anymore.

“So as you can imagine, that's an awful thing to happen and I wasn't looking forward to the day we filmed that, I'll tell you!"

Discussing the impact of events on Becky, she continued: "It was so heartbreaking for Becky. This is it. You know, she's lost her own flesh and blood.

“Her only chance of flesh and blood and she can just imagine him crying that night for her and...oh, I don't even want to go there!"

However, Becky remains unaware that it was her husband Steve (Simon Gregson) who purposely made social services suspicious of the arrangement.

She added: "How will Becky react when she finds out that Steve did it? I'm not telling you!

"You're going to have to watch. I will tell you that she doesn't find out [tonight] - she makes one final attempt to get Max back.

"There are plenty of suspects. Let's say, she basically just goes through the list - because she will find out who did it.

"Steve would be the last person on earth that she would think would do that to her, and he did - how could you, Steve?"

Kelly, who will depart the show early next year, recently admitted that she asked for Becky not to be killed off.