'Coronation Street' star Graeme Hawley has hinted that there could me more shocks in store for Fiz as the Stapes' dark storyline continues.

The actor's on-screen character John Stape went on the run last night after Fiz discovered the truth about his involvement in the deaths of Charlotte Hoyle and Joy Fishwick.

Although Stape has left for now, his story is not yet over and he a return to the cobbles is on the cards.

Hawley told 'Coronation Street's' official website: "Now that John's on the run, I think that Fiz is very nervous about it because there's no telling what he's going to do. Is he going to come back for Hope? Is he going to come back for [Fiz]? Or will he just try to get out of there now?

"It's got to be a big worry for her that he's going to come back for Hope, certainly."

Hawley added: "All I'll say about the next episode is while Fiz is locked away at home, she thinks she's safe and well and that [John] can't get at her, but that isn't necessarily true."