Friends of actor Liam Neeson have laughed off reports that he is getting married to new girlfriend Freya St Johnston.

According to The National Enquirer, the 58-year-old 'Taken' star became engaged to the 36-year-old London-based PR executive.

A source was quoted as saying that the pair are now planning their wedding to take place in late 2011 - two and a half years after the tragic skiing accident death of his wife Natasha Richardson.

The source said: “Liam never imagined he'd get over Natasha's death, let alone fall in love again.

“She's been very patient with Liam and never once pressured him to move fast or make any commitments. At this point, they're leaning toward a small ceremony in New York late this year.”

However according to the Independent online, last night, friends close to the Ballymena-born star told Sunday Life that the story is a “waste of time” and completely untrue.

Last September, the news broke that Neeson had begun dating again when he was pictured holding hands with Johnston coming out of London restaurant, Nobu.

Later the couple were spotted going into the five star Dorchester Hotel in Mayfair.

Recently, her neighbours have seen huge bunches of flowers regularly being delivered to her flat and she has been wearing a ring on the third finger of her left hand.

She has two children, including eight-year-old son Ned, by her ex-partner Matthew Winton, 37 and Neeson lives in New York with his two sons with the late Natasha, Michael, 15, and Daniel, 14.