'This Morning' presenter Phillip Schofield has confirmed that his co-host Holly Willoughby is in labour.

Schofield said on Twitter: "Latest news is that @hollywills is in labour and at my last text from hubby Dan, fancied a bit of @ginofantastico's pizza he made today :)"

Schofield and Willoughby's 'This Morning' colleague Alison Hammond added: "Our @Schofe has just announced @hollywills is in labour. How exciting! I am gonna go shoppin for baby clothes x"

The Press Association reports that earlier today on 'This Morning' Schofield told viewers: "The first thing this morning I got a phone call from Holly saying that she thought she might be in labour, and as the morning has progressed - not entirely sure - so as it stands at the moment, Holly may or may not be in labour. But best not here, we thought."

Later in the show, Schofield read out a text from Willoughby in which she said she was "currently bouncing on a birthing ball eating breakfast".

Willoughby, who is married to TV producer Dan Baldwin, told viewers in January she was expecting a baby girl.

The couple's first child, Harry, was born in May 2009.