Ricky Gervais has clarified comments he made in a blog, in which he said that the organisers of the Golden Globes had asked him to consider hosting next year's show, despite the controversy arising from the jokes he made while presenting the ceremony last month.

The Hollywood Reporter says that after Gervais made the comments, Phil Berk, the president of the organisers of the awards, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, said in a statement: "We have not asked him to come back. Nice try, Ricky."

Gervais told the Hollywood Reporter: "At no point did I talk to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. I'm absolutely sure they don't want me back."

The actor and comic then explained that his conversation had been with Doug Vaughan, the Senior Vice President of Special Programmes and News and Entertainment at the US network which produces the show, NBC, and not with the organisers of the ceremony itself.

"Doug Vaughan called me and said he loved [the show]," Gervais said. "That it was great. He said: 'Don't rule out a third gig'. I said: 'I don't think I'll do it again. I doubt I'll be invited back'. And he said: 'Just don't rule it out'. I'm sure he'll back that up."

Gervais said he telephoned Berk to explain his blog comments and revealed that he was annoyed by the words "Nice try, Ricky" in the Hollywood Foreign Press Association's statement.

"It's not fair. I always tell the truth," he said. "So that's the thing that bothered me. I asked if [Berk] could explain that to the Hollywood Foreign Press. He said he would."

The English star said that during their phone conversation Berk told him that the association had received "a lot of complaints from our members" about his controversial hosting of the 16 January show.

Gervais said he replied: "I'm sorry about that, but I don't care if people liked the show."

When asked by the Hollywood Reporter if he would host the 2012 show if an offer was made, Gervais said: "Listen, this is academic. As if they'll ever invite me back now.

"But if they invited me back, I'd do the same again."