Singer Leona Lewis has revealed that she loves Los Angeles.

The star spends a lot of time in the US city when working, and is a huge fan of the lifestyle there.

She said: “It’s really outdoorsy and I love that. It’s always sunny and I loved going on horse trails and hiking in the canyons.

"At first, I didn’t like Los Angeles – it’s so vast and you have to drive everywhere. Everyone has this perception that I’m over there a lot, but it’s just for work. My life is in London."

Lewis talked about her ambition to follow in Beyonce's footsteps and make the move from music to film.

Digital Spy quotes her as saying: "Beyonce is a great girl, so lovely and down to earth and talented. She's definitely inspiring for females.

"I might go into acting like she did - I'm not sure. If the right thing comes along, like a small part in a movie, I might."