Actress Glenn Close has arrived in Ireland and is due to start filming her new movie, 'Albert Nobbs' here on Monday.

The big and small screen star is not only acting in the film based in 19th-century Ireland but has also co-scripted, working alongside John Banville, and produced the movie. Her co-stars include Irish actors Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Brendan Gleeson and Maria Doyle Kennedy as well as Pauline Collins, Janet McTeer, Aaron Johnson and Mia Wasikowska.

Speaking at a press conference Close said "It is a real trick to bring off a movie, a period movie, on the budget that we have, but so far so good.

"At one point we were thinking of filming in Hungary, eastern Germany, Montreal in Canada. We've been all over the place but I'm really happy that we're here because this is where it should be."

Filming is due to last seven weeks and will take place in Dublin and Wicklow.

63-year-old Close is set to play a woman who passes as a man to work and survive in Dublin in 1898. The actress has tried to get the film made for the past 15 years and it is to be directed by Rodrigo Garcia.