'The Hangover' director Todd Phillips has confirmed that heavyweight boxer Mike Tyson will return for the sequel.

In an interview with Details magazine, the director also said that he doesn't mind that Mike Tyson said he did the movie for drug money.

He said: "I love that quote!

"But I didn't really understand the logic behind it. He said he wanted to bootleg the DVD but then it became an international hit. You'd think he'd make more money bootlegging it in that case."

He also hinted at another other scene that he is planning for the sequel, namely that he wants to taser star Zach Galifianakis: "We had a stunt guy do it, and then we showed Zach the tape. "He almost vomited."

The director is also connected to a biopic about comic legend John Belushi and he said he's not worried about the failure of a previous biopic 'Wired'. Philips said: "Belushi is the funniest guy ever; that movie wasn't funny.

"His spirit was irreverent, something I love and revel in myself. We want to make sure the film respects that."