Jonathan Ross has recorded the last episode of his chat show for the BBC, saying that he feels "grateful, lucky and honoured" to have worked for the broadcaster.

The Press Association reports that as recording of the programme ended, Ross thanked all the guests who had appeared on his show over the past decade and joked: "At least 95% of them were great."

He continued: "It's been a remarkable period of my TV career, being here at the BBC - I've worked with just about the best crew and I hope you all know how much it's meant to me to have you guys here because I've felt supported... you're just the best people.

"Everyone here at the BBC has always been terrific... I've been lucky to work over the 10 years with the most fabulous teams.

"The experience I've had here at the BBC has been a blessed one.

"I've never come in here feeling anything other than grateful, lucky and honoured... so thank you."

The final edition of 'Friday Night with Jonathan Ross' will air on BBC One tomorrow at 10:35pm.

Ross has agreed a deal to present a new peak-time chat show for ITV, which will begin in late 2011.