DJ Colm Hayes and television presenter Lucy Kennedy are set to present a morning show together on RTÉ 2fm for the coming month.

The pair will present the 9am to 12 noon slot, which was previously presented by the late Gerry Ryan.

Head of RTÉ 2fm John McMahon said: “We have all been devastated by the death of Gerry Ryan."

"It is particularly painful to have to turn our minds to practicalities, but that is the unfortunate situation we find ourselves in."

"We understand the desire of the media, the industry and indeed Gerry’s listeners, to know what they can expect in 'The Gerry Ryan Show' slot in the coming weeks."

"I have been moved by the hugely helpful response from colleagues within RTÉ 2fm and RTÉ generally; I would like to thank Colm Hayes for agreeing to temporarily separate from on-air partner Jim-Jim; and I would like to thank Lucy Kennedy for agreeing so readily to host the show for the next four weeks."

"To Gerry’s listeners I would like to say: Gerry will not be forgotten. Yes, this is a new show, but we will continue our commitment to many of the items Gerry’s listeners loved."

"We’ll keep up the allotment, Nob Nation will continue at 10am with the irrepressible Oliver Callan, and Colm and Lucy will open the line to callers for their own unique style of chat. We hope too to bring loyal listeners some of Gerry’s best moments from over the years. The show goes on, albeit with a heavy heart.”

Lucy Kennedy has said: “When I did my recent stint on 2fm with Baz, little did I know I would be back so soon. I’m honoured to be asked and look forward to speaking with Gerry’s listeners in the coming weeks.”

Says Colm Hayes: “It is both an honour and a privilege to be asked to assist in the 9-12 slot for the next few weeks. Lucy and I both know that we can’t fill the great man’s shoes, but we hope to brighten the tough morning’s ahead."

"I had the pleasure of working with Gerry on 'The G Ryan Show' in the early days; and of course Jim-Jim and I looked forward everyday to our ‘handover’ to Gerry. It’s with a sense of keeping the show on the road – something Gerry would have wanted – that we all head into the next few weeks.”

Head of RTÉ 2fm John McMahon said that the new plans were a temporary schedule, set to run for four weeks, with a longer-term announcement due to be made in the coming weeks.