Dannii Minogue reportedly upset the Logie Awards bosses after revealing the winner of one of the categories before the ceremony was aired.

Minogue posted a message on Twitter congratulating her former co-star Ray Meagher (Alf Stewart in 'Home and Away') on winning the Gold Logie, presented to Australia's most popular television personality.

In her posting, Minogue wrote: "Congratulations to Ray Meagher for winning the Gold Logie. I'm so happy for you!"

However, the ceremony was being aired with a delay, meaning that Minogue had revealed the result before it was televised.

According to The Mirror, a source said: "The organisers were livid, even though it was accidental."

"Dannii was in London at the time and honestly didn't realise she had done anything wrong. She was mortified when she found out."

"Ray thought it was hilarious and emailed Dannii back basically calling her a great galah."

A spokesperson for Minogue later said: "Dannii was simply offering congratulations from London to an old friend. She had no idea the telecast was delayed."