TG4'S fashion and dating show, 'Paisean Faisean' is set to be broadcast internationally on MTV.

The show, which pits men against each other in a bid to bag a date with a woman by buying clothes for her, was purchased by Zoo Productions, who were commissioned by MTV.

The programme, which will be broadcast in English, is due to be called 'Style Date'.

"Digital Rights Group own the rights to the show but we receive a percentage of the rights sold because I bought it as a paper format and essentially created the show from this piece of paper that said 'Boys buy clothes for girls'," said Paisean Faisean creator Clodagh Freeman.

According to the Hearld, last year TG4 bosses were believed to be pulling the plug on 'Paisean Faisean', which was fronted by Sile Seoige.

The show's format has already been used by a show in Turkey and the creator Clodagh Freeman confirmed a production company in Poland also recently optioned it.

MTV has commissioned 'Style Date' from Zoo Productions based on Paisean Faisean's format tnd it is due to be filmed in Los Angeles.
If successful, it is expected to move to other cities. It's understood that the MTV pilot has a "Beyonce-style presenter" according to Ms Freeman.

"The shopping mall they use is huge, and everybody lives in nice apartments down on the beach," she said. "All the kids on the show are confident and glamorous. In Ireland, they're not as outspoken."