Boyzone's Mikey Graham has revealed that the band became emotional in studio recently while recording their new album, when they heard former bandmate Stephen Gately's voice.

According to The Star, the band were working on a track called 'I Gave it all Away', written by Mika, on which Gately had recorded lead vocals.

Writing on his Twitter page, Graham said: "The new song is amazing. Stephen does one of the best vocals ever on it. We really struggled though when we heard his voice again."

He added: "I love this album so much. All going well it should be out March 8. The single is released one week beforehand but radio should be playing it by January 8 or so."

Ronan Keating confirmed that the album will include a trio of tracks featuring Gately's voice: "Stephen is on three of the songds we'd already recorded. It’s a wonderful record; it's the best I heard him sing.

"I think people are going to be quite excited about it. It's going to be big, please God, for Steo."