Superstar rapper and producer Jay-Z has praised domestic violence victim Rihanna’s work ethic.

Rihanna’s ex-boyfriend Chris Brown was convicted of felony assault on her in June this year but she returned to work almost immediately. In August, she released the hit song 'Run This Town' along with Jay-Z and Kanye West

According to the Sun, Jay-Z said: "Rihanna is a roller. She goes in hard. She was ready to come back to work from the off.

"We were working together and she just said to me 'Let me know when you want me to show up for the video.' But I looked out for her. We talk to each other and I give her plenty of advice."

Rihanna and Brown both attended the VMAs and organisers made sure that the barring order imposed on him by law would not be violated by measuring out a 50 yard gap between their tables.

Brown, who recently said he hoped to maintain a friendship with Rihanna, is not allowed to come within 100 yards of her under normal circumstances but at music industry events that distance is reduced to 10 metres.

Meanwhile, VMA ‘Best Female Video’ winner Taylor Swift, who had her acceptance speech cut short by West, praised Rihanna’s sense of style.

Swift, who received flowers from Rihanna after a concert last month and has covered her songs in concert, said: "Everything that she has decided to wear as far as fashion on the carpet [has always looked good]. She takes chances. I think that with VMAs, it's all about color and being risky."