Brian McFadden's plans to fly to the UK to pick up his children this morning may have been thrown into disarray following his appearance on 'The Late Late Show'.

According to The Irish Independent his ex-wife Kerry Katona is said to be infuriated by comments made by the former Westlife star during the interview on Friday night.

After hearing that McFadden said she was unfit to continue caring for their two daughters in the short-term future, the former Atomic Kitten has vowed to fight "tooth and nail" for custody of their children.

A source close to the troubled star explained how Katona is making alternative plans to hand over the children: "Brian had originally arranged to pick up the kids from Kerry on Monday morning after flying to the UK.

"She wants to avoid serving him up another golden media opportunity on a plate so she's in the process of making alternative arrangements."

"She knows he'll be portrayed in the media as the doting dad travelling thousands of miles to pick up his kids as he fights to rescue them and she is determined to give him as little opportunity to fuel that image as possible."

The couple's children, Molly, 7, and Lilly Sue, 6, will now be flown to Ireland instead to be reunited with their father on his home soil.

Speaking on 'The Late Late Show' on Friday night McFadden revealed that he hadn't spoken to his ex-wife in four years, instead communicating through his mother and the children's nanny.

The 28-year-old star added: "I read what everyone else reads. People might think because they are my children I would know a lot more, but I don't. I read everything you guys read or see.

"I don't know her any more. It has been over five years since we were together and well over four since we even spoke. We just can't speak. I wish it was different.

"When we did speak we just could not agree on anything and I know it sounds stupid but for the sake of the kids, the best thing for us is to have no relationship at all."

The Dublin native also said he turned down a massive €100,000 to sell his story.

"I was offered a lot of money. But if I do it with a paper they will take a couple of things I said and turn it in to a headline and it will go around the world."

The singer, who is engaged to Australian singer Delta Goodrem, confirmed that he is preparing to seek custody over their children until his ex-wife sorts out her life.

Describing his plans to care for the two girls, McFadden said he was prepared to move back to Ireland to provide a home for them, with the help of his mother, who is also anxious to ensure their safety.