Following a move to RTÉ Radio One, Dave Fanning's weekday show will return to 2FM, which is aiming for a shift in its audience profile from 15-34 to 25-44.

Speaking about the changes in the new autumn schedule, Fanning told RTÉ.ie: "Big changes, yeah or not really. It's what's known as musical chairs, it's just back and forth. I went to Radio One for a few years with the programme I was doing on 2FM.

"In fact I so never moved that instead I brought the four people who were working with me for Radio One and their desks into 2FM! I never went over to Radio One, I did all my programmes from 2FM, I never moved. I was also doing 2FM every Sunday so I never left at all so I'm just back to my spiritual home Monday to Friday."

Fanning seems happy with the new schedule: "It's great if the plan that they're talking about is the plan that they mean and that is, if they're going for a slightly older audience.

"I think 2fm going for a 15 or 16 year old audience was never going to work for lots of reasons. Number one it has the RTÉ logo on it and lots of kids don't really necessarily listen and you can give it to the Beats or give it to the Spins or even put it over on DAB.

"They [2FM] should go for an older audience because an older audience is there for the taking, I think. Somewhere between 22 and 40 where not many people under 35 listen to Radio One so I think there's an audience there to be got, with some names that are known and where the RTÉ brand will help, as opposed to hinder as it would with the teens."

Talking about his show, he added: "I'll be doing the same stuff as before, 'itemy' stuff that isn’t too heavy. Having people in talking 'things' and that's what I like, not too heavy. Then again it might get heavy every now and again and we'll shock people."

'The Dave Fanning Show' returns to 2FM, Monday to Friday at 7pm.

Another change in the RTÉ schedule sees Marty Whelan returning to a weekday regular time slot, presenting 'Marty at Midday' for Lyric FM.

Speaking about the show, Whelan said: "I'm staggered at one level. The Sunday show really worked, we've been doing this for about five months on Sundays on Lyric and we got a great reaction. As a result Aodán [Ó' Dubhghaill Head of RTÉ's Lyric FM] and Claire Duignan [Managing Director of RTÉ Radio] decided to go with it.

"I've had periods in my life when I didn't know what I was going to do next but then it just seems to turn. Last February I didn't know what I was going to do. The Sunday show on Lyric was coming, [at that stage] Gay Byrne wasn't coming back and then all of a sudden it just turns around to this. I'm now also looking at Television situations at the moment too...its mad!"

'Marty at Midday' will air on Lyric FM Monday to Friday 10am until 12pm.