John Creedon has warned Dáithi O'Sé about poaching Munster acts for the next run of 'The All Ireland Talent Show'.

Speaking about returning to the show as a judge this year, Creedon told RTÉ.ie: "I've been asked back and I'm thrilled."

"The auditions start this month. My hunch would be that the second year is going to unearth an awful lot more people because the brand is established now. People know what's expected of them."

Speaking about his fellow judge, radio presenter Creedon said: "I want to stress that County Clare is in Munster and if Daithí O'Sé starts poaching people out of Clare again he'll be answerable to me and to my gang."

Referring to the show's upcoming auditions, he said: "I would like to think, and I hope, that people weren't put off by the number of young people we had in it."

"I want to see guys with flatcaps and dancing Jack Russells on it now as well this year... I want big numbers at the auditions."

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Speaking about his new RTÉ Radio 1 show, the presenter said: "It's virtually all music. There will be some interviews. There will be some live sessions and I'm looking forward to getting those sorted."

John Creedon was speaking to RTÉ.ie at the RTÉ Radio new season launch. For more click here.