Aidan Power is leaving RTÉ's 'Winning Streak' to present a behind-the-scenes show of 'The All Ireland Talent Show'.

Speaking to RTÉ.ie about the as yet untitled show, he said: "I’m going to be presenting this companion show for the 'All Ireland Talent Show'.

"When it came up it was a no brainer, I mean the ratings for that show last year were phenomenal. I think it can only grow and be bigger this year, so to be asked to be part of it I was absolutely delighted.

"I would watch a lot of those style of programmes and have always looked at them and thought I’d love to do something like that so I’m really, really looking forward to it."

Regarding the return of 'The Café', he said: "Yes it's back. Season 6 of the Café, here we go again so we’re looking at it at the moment to see how we can make this and that better."

Speaking about 'Winning Streak' which he co-presented with Kathryn Thomas, he said: "'Winning Streak' will be back but with me doing 'The Café' and then moving on to 'The All Ireland Talent Show' I won’t be back doing 'Winning Streak' and there will be announcements anon as to whose doing that."

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