The acts who performed at this year's Oxegen Festival shared their backstage stories with RTÉ.ie, revealing how they felt about the weather and the other acts on the bill.

Speaking to RTÉ.ie about playing for the Irish audience, Jason Mraz said: "The Irish crowd... always a very appreciative crowd, always a very vocal crowd, a singing bunch. I love them."

Referring to the Irish fans, Max Grahn of Carolina Liar said: "We met them today for the first time when we played here. We got here for the first time in our lives yesterday. They know the songs and they know our names. It's crazy. We hope to be back in August."

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After coming off stage Coronas singer Danny O'Reilly said: "It was so amazing. Just before we went on it started to rain and we were like 'aw will it scare people away?' but I don't know, it seemed to just bring out this atmosphere in the crowd."

"They were giving it loads. They were all hands in the air. They just didn't care about it and it was just a really great atmosphere. It was the best gig we've done in a long time," he said.

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Referring to the fun backstage, Blizzards star Bresy said: "One of the girls from The Saturdays was walking past and I don't know if the guy meant it but he was playing pool and the cue ball came straight off the table and obviously went to hit her and he just went "Hey, how are you?". It didn't work."

"She looked at him like he had two heads. There's better things to do than throw a cue ball at a girl. Maybe I'm not good at this but I don't claim to chat up girls by throwing cue balls at them... I throw the black at them!," he said.

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