Rihanna became a temporary tattoo artist when she tattooed three people in New York earlier this week.

According to E! Online, the singer left her mark on a friend and two tattooists at the East Side Ink parlour in New York.

The Tattoo parlour owner, Yadira said: "She came by to hang out with us and her regular tattoo artist Bang Bang."

"He decided he wanted to get a tattoo from her and then two of the other artists decided they wanted to get one as well. She tattooed us for a change."

Rihanna, 21, used her hit single 'Umbrella' as inspiration.

"It's a little umbrella with a capital 'R' underneath it. The second and third had a number two and a number three next to it."

Despite it being illegal to tattoo without a licence, Yadira added it’s only against the law if a profit is made.