Daniel Day-Lewis looks set to relocate to America after his writer/director wife Rebecca Miller spoke of her desire to leave their current home in Co Wicklow.

According to USA Today American-born Miller, who has two sons, seven-year-old Cashel and Ronan, 11, with Day-Lewis, said: "I need, finally to be in the country I'm writing about.

"I do need, ultimately, to return. It's important to the boys. They spent the first few years of their lives in America - Ronan until he was six.

"He has a sense that he belongs there, in part. He would never get away with not going there because for him it is a big part of his life, for Cashel as well."

Despite her dream to move to the US, Miller, whose parents were playwright Arthur Miller and photographer Inge Moreth, insists she loves her current home.

She added: "I like it. It's wild where we live. There's a reason so many writers come from Ireland. There's something about the place that drives you into yourself. I've written a lot since I've been living there."

Day-Lewis has held Irish citizenship since 1993.