Vincent Browne has asked RTÉ rugby analyst and Newstalk presenter George Hook whether he would consider becoming the new host of 'Xposé' on TV3.

During the newspaper review on 'Nightly News with Vincent Browne' on TV3 on Wednesday night, Browne drew attention to an article about 'Xposé's departing presenter Lorraine Keane.

He then said to guest Hook: "George, you were surmising that you might be the next presenter of 'Xposé'."

Hook replied: "Anything to do with exposing, I'm into."

Browne continued: "Actually, that would be a great idea for you: Would you take over 'Xposé' - the fashion show? I know it would clash a bit with your stint on Newstalk... if it was moved to eight o'clock?"

"I've always had a sneaking desire to wear a dress," answered Hook, as Browne dissolved into laughter.