Pat Kenny has revealed he is looking forward to seeing the back of 2008 after a difficult year in which he lost his mother and went through a very public court battle.

In a joint interview with wife Kathy in the current edition of the RTÉ Guide, Kenny revealed that the death of his mother Connie last month, which followed on from a legal dispute with a neighbour a few months prior, had made for a year to forget.

He said: "We are delighted to see the back of 2008; it has been the toughest year that we can recall. I will be glad to see January 1, 2009 and hope that all the hassles we have had can be put behind us!"

Kenny added that he and Kathy had received plenty of support from the public during the year, despite some negative and inaccurate press coverage.

He said: "It was so gratifying to realise from the amount of goodwill that came to us both after the court case and particularly after my mother’s death that people did not believe what they read in the papers."

The full interview with Pat and Kathy Kenny is in the current edition of the RTÉ Guide.