Former James Bond actor Roger Moore has said he feels latest movies in the franchise are too violent.

Moore, who played Bond seven times, told Reuters: "I am happy to have done it, but I'm sad that it has turned so violent. That's keeping up with the times, it's what cinema-goers seem to want and it's proved by the box-office figures."

Moore admitted to not having seen 'Quantum Of Solace', which opens in the US this weekend and has taken in more than $106 million worldwide so far, but he has seen 'Casino Royale', the first Bond film to star Daniel Craig.

He added: "Daniel has done one Bond and he was in 'Munich' and ... he's done a lot of stuff, but his face, after one Bond film, that's all he needs. He is Bond."

Moore, 81, publicising his memoir 'My Word Is My Bond', said he had been appalled at the violence in 1985's 'A View to a Kill', his last outing as the secret agent.

"That wasn't Bond", he said.

Moore's book also tells of his bust-up with co-star Grace Jones during that shoot, including an incident in which he pulled the plug on her stereo and flung a chair against the wall because she was playing loud rock music.