Ricky Gervais said he misses the series 'Extras' more than 'The Office' - and he has an idea for one more show where Andy Millman tries to make it in Hollywood.

In an interview with Zoo magazine, Gervais said 'The Office' had to finish when it did, but 'Extras' could still go "on and on".

Gervais, who stars in Hollywood movie 'Ghost Town' said the characters in 'Extras' were better.

He told the magazine: "Andy Millman was more real than David Brent by the end of the show and I loved Maggie Jacobs - she was the best character we've ever come up with."

Asked what he thought about bringing back 'Extras', Gervais said: "The truth is I have an idea for one more Extras, which would work best as another Christmas special.

"I think it would be funny to see Andy trying to make it in Hollywood. The problem is, I don't think Stephen Merchant wants to do it. But I reckon he will if I insist!"