A wildlife documentary narrated by late Hollywood star Paul Newman has received its world premiere at the Dinard Film Festival in France.

Newman, who died of cancer last month aged 83, recorded the voiceover for 'The Meerkats' at a studio near his home in Connecticut in late 2007.

Speaking to the BBC, the film's producer, Joe Oppenheimer said: "He gave us a wonderful recording.

"He gave us his time freely and did exactly what was asked of him".

The production follows a family of meerkats fighting to survive and is due in cinemas next year.

The film's director, James Honeyborne, said: "He was such a good director, that he knew exactly what was needed.

"He gives the film authority and credibility. We wanted a warm, storytelling, around-the-campfire tone, which is just what he gave us."

It was previously believed that the actor's last screen credit was in the 2006 Pixar animation 'Cars', in which he voiced the role of Doc Hudson.

However Honeyborne believes 'The Meerkats' to be one of Newman's final film credits.