Lisa and Sara are to share the £50,000 jackpot in the 'Big Brother' game of trust, but one of them will be evicted from the show on Friday night.

In last night's live show each was given a block saying 'share' or 'take'.

They were told to choose one of the blocks: if each had chosen 'take' neither would have won anything; if one had chosen 'take' that person would win the £50,000.

Both had one minute to discuss their decision, and could lie about their intentions.

Sara said: "I will choose to share. Think the world of you Lisa, you know that."

Lisa replied: "I wouldn't want to do anything different. You have been my best buddy on the show."

Both revealed the 'share' block and each won £25,000; the show's £100,000 grand prize still remains.

Minutes before their win Sara and Lisa had both been put up for eviction by their fellow housemates in face-to-face nominations.

Sara was nominated by every housemate except Rachel and Lisa.

Lisa was nominated by Darnell, Kathreya, Rex and Rachel.

Darnell and Rex were both warned about their behaviour towards Sara earlier in the week.

The Daily Star has claimed that 1500 people complained about the duo's name-calling.

A Big Brother spokesman said: "Big Brother called both Darnell and Rex to the Diary Room to remind them of the house rules regarding inappropriate behaviour with reference to their behaviour and language towards fellow housemate Sara.

"Big Brother reminded them both that Big Brother will take appropriate action where unacceptable behaviour, including behaviour which may be perceived as bullying, can lead to offence taken by either housemates and or viewers.

"Rex has apologised to Sara and Darnell understands that his behaviour was not acceptable."

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