Renowned actor, producer and director Robert Redford has received an honorary degree from Trinity College Dublin.

The Academy Award winner was conferred in TCD along with a number of other recipients, including John Hume and Dónal Lunny.

On Thursday night Redford gave a public interview, organised by the School of Drama, Film and Music, at TCD.

The acting legend shared a number of anecdotes about his numerous films and also surprised the audience when he revealed that he rarely watches his own films.

He said: "I don't like to look back too much."

He said that he realised a few years ago that his grandson hadn't seen one of his most iconic films: "You haven't seen 'The Sting'? What's the matter with your mother? Then it came out that I hadn't seen it either.

So we watched it... I thought it was great!"

Redford also spoke of his support for US Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama: "I think Obama is not tall on experience...but I believe he's a really good person. He's smart. And he does represent what the country needs most now, which is change.

"He's getting young people interested in politics again."

Redford is currently working on two films; he will star in and produce 'A Walk in the Woods' and is in pre-production on an as-yet-untitled film about baseball legend Jackie Robinson.