RTÉ 2fm DJ Cormac Battle talks to us about his Oxgen must-sees and offers his top tips for surviving the muck and the rain.

Who are you most looking forward to seeing at this year's Oxegen Festival?
Cormac Battle:
Rage Against The Machine... one of the most powerful bands ever. It will be like watching bombs explode!

Who are you excited about interviewing at Oxegen? Are there any big names due to chat to 2fm this year?
There is a very real possibility that Michael Stipe from REM might join us in the Roadcaster... How cool would that be?

What's your top tip for the revellers?
Don't try and see every band... make a plan because more is less at festivals... and forget about trying to be fashionable at a potential mudfest...

What is your stand-out moment from past Oxegen festivals?
Playing at it with my band Kerbdog in 2005 - there is no better buzz on earth than playing to a large crowd at a festival.

What essential item would you not attend a music festival without?
Dahling, one couldn't go without the wicker picnic basket with champagne and strawberries

Will the rain spoil the fun if it arrives in Punchestown or is the weather irrelevant?
Put it this way, rain makes seeing your favourite bands that extra bit more challenging... but we all like a challenge don't we?!

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