Having won an Irish Film and Television Award for her performance as Therese in the RTÉ Two series 'Pure Mule', Eileen Walsh reunites with the series' creator, Eugene O'Brien, and director, Declan Recks, for 'Eden', the screen adaptation of O'Brien's acclaimed play.

'Eden' airs on RTÉ One on Monday 17 March at 9.40pm. For more on 'Eden', click here.

Taking place in a small town over the course of a weekend, 'Eden' explores the disintegrating marriage of Breda (Walsh) and Billy (Aidan Kelly), two people who, as the actress says, "have forgotten each other".

Because of the monologue structure of the play - which starred Walsh's sister Catherine and Don Wycherley - the drama has to tell the couple's story in a different way. As a result, it combines the emotional trauma of the couple's interactions with a very dreamy quality, as if someone is either sleepwalking through a life or just waking up from a long sleep.

Here, Eileen Walsh talks about her role, the drama and her feelings on both.

Congratulations on 'Eden'. Now that you have a little more distance from it, how do you feel about the experience?
Eileen Walsh: My experience with 'Eden' was amazing and tiring all at the same time. Away from home, living in a hotel, and filming almost every day was shattering, but being Irish you're just so glad to be there that you're thankful above all else!

If you had to describe 'Eden' and the two main characters, Billy and Breda, to someone who had never seen the play what would you tell them?
EW: Both Billy and Breda are characters in search of each other. They are people who have forgotten each other - become almost brother and sister because they know each other so well. 'Eden' is about them searching to remember why they came together in the first place - a story we all either know well or have felt the fallout from.

When you saw the play, what were your feelings about it?
My feelings toward the play were a huge conflict to me. I had seen it numerous times because my sister [Catherine Walsh] was the original Breda and both Catherine and Don [Wycherley, the original Billy] showed a relationship so powerful it moved everyone in the theatre each night! Conor McPherson's direction too ushered your heart between their sheets.

Because your sister is so associated with the role of Breda, did you have second thoughts about playing the character in the drama?
EW: I originally said 'no' to the audition as Breda is hers, but after talking together she ok'ed it and then I went to audition.

What were the big challenges for the team while shooting the drama and what did you find most surprising and daunting while making it?
The challenges included just keeping yourself on the ball with keeping Breda close all the time and being ready to shoot whenever they were. One day I was blown away by walking on set and discovering a hole in the ceiling of the bedroom: they had hoisted the camera up into the attic just to get that beautiful shot of Billy and Breda in bed. That crew stunned me; my job was to keep up.

Did working with writer Eugene O'Brien and director Declan Recks on 'Pure Mule' make it easier making the drama or did it bring further challenges?
Obviously knowing all on board helped the nerves and telling the story became easier - what with Eugene and Declan directing; Owen [McPolin] on camera and David [Collins] producing...all from 'Pure Mule'. But really it's Eugene's writing that brought us together and Declan and Owen's ease was fantastic for the awkward scenes.

Could you talk a little about the preparation yourself and Aidan Kelly did to become a believable couple? One of the drama's greatest strengths is how natural the scenes and dialogue are between you both.
Prep for Aidan and I for 'Eden' came in the form of 'Terminus' by Mark O'Rowe at the Abbey. Doing that together for two months before meant we had a real 'bored of you now' relationship that helped in scenes. I hope.

What do you think 'Eden' says about marriage and relationships?
'Eden' can only mirror what we allow it to mirror about marriage and relationships in Ireland today. I believe it speaks volumes about us, not just Ireland.

Do you write any drama yourself? Would you like to?
I can't write.

Congratulations on the Irish Theatre Award for Best Actress for 'Terminus'. What other projects do you have coming up?
'Terminus' again in Edinburgh...possibly other things!

'Eden' airs on RTÉ One on Monday 17 March at 9.40pm. For more on 'Eden', click here.