Glen Hansard has been speaking to RTÉ about his success at the Oscars. Listen to the interview here.

Hansard and partner Markéta Irglová won the Best Original Song Oscar for 'Falling Slowly' from the film 'Once', in which they starred. Watch Hansard and Irglová's acceptance speeches at the Oscars here.

Speaking from a post-Oscars party to 'Morning Ireland' presenter John Murray, Hansard said: "I kind of feel a bit like a plumber at a flower show over here. I kind of feel like we're totally outside of all this but at the same time I'm kind of just trying to accept that it all happened. It's been an incredible ride this whole thing."

When asked if his win had sunk in, he said: "It's kind of sunk in so much that I've been walking around with this heavy thing all night. What was really amazing for me was getting texts from family and friends, it was amazing beforehand, and then I got a text from Bono and I was like 'Ah, my God, that's just amazing.' For me it was just like getting a text off the King of the Tribe."

Of his Oscars speech, Hansard said: "I don't know what I said, I can't remember a thing about it, to be honest - it was all such a blur. And I forgot to thank John Carney ['Once' director], which totally wrecked my head afterwards." For more on his Oscars speech, click here.

Watch Hansard and Irglová perform 'Falling Slowly' at the Oscars here.

Asked about his future plans, Hansard said: "I'm looking forward to just taking a break, going home. I'm looking forward to having a few pints with my friends and celebrating this thing... putting the golden man on a bar and having a night out."

He continued: "We'll probably do a bit of a tour over here in America in the next couple of months. I'd like to think we'll play a few gigs in Ireland... but basically getting back to music. I mean, acting's not really my thing."

"The biggest thing for me tonight was meeting Daniel Day-Lewis. He was the only guy I wanted to meet. He was really gracious enough to come up and congratulate us, it was a wonderful night," said Hansard.

The singer also spoke about meeting the Coen brothers ("I'm just such a fan of all their films - in particular 'The Big Lebowksi' -  it was great to get together with them"), George Clooney ("a really nice guy"), Philip Seymour Hoffman ("a king"), Viggo Mortensen ("really, really sweet to us") and Matthew Perry ("a super guy").

Of the Oscar success of 'Once', he added: "It's like when you get off a roller coaster and you're dizzy for a few hours. Well, this whole experience has been two years of a roller coaster for us. I guess it's going to take us a few months to come down off it and I'm just looking forward to the quiet time after all of this."

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