Two actors have joined the cast of 'Lost' creator JJ Abrams' pilot episode for his new sci-fi drama series 'Fringe'.

The Hollywood Reporter says that John Noble, who played Denethor in 'The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King', and Lance Reddick, who plays Colonel Cedric Daniels in 'The Wire', will star in the two-hour pilot.

'Fringe' tells the story of an FBI agent who teams up with a troubled scientist (Noble) and his estranged son to investigate paranormal phenomena.

Reddick will play a special agent for the Department of Homeland Security who leads the special Fringe division; earlier this week it was erroneously reported that Tomas Arana would play this role.

Reddick will also be seen in the new series of 'Lost', which returns to RTÉ Two at 10pm on Monday 4 February.

An eight-minute recap of the first three series of 'Lost' will be available on the RTÉ website here from Monday 28 January.