Opera singer Russell Watson has revealed that he didn't think he was "going to make it" after being rushed to hospital to have a life-saving brain operation.

Speaking on 'GMTV', the singer said that doctors told him that it was "touch and go" when he was taken into hospital to have a tumour removed from his brain.

Watson said: "I remember thinking 'Oh dear, I don't think I'm going to make it this time'."

The singer was first struck down with the tumour last year and underwent an operation to remove it but scans later revealed that the tumour had grown back.

Watson said: "It was very scary. My vision had gone, and basically when I was rushed into hospital I was very, very ill and, there was no question, the doctors told me when I arrived it was touch and go."

"I wasn't really that aware of what was going on anyway. I was flitting in and out of consciousness. I remember hearing lots of medical people saying words like 'haemorrhage' and lots of very scary things," he said.