The Irish Film Institute is to screen Daft Punk's science-fiction film 'Electoma' on 10 and 11 August.

Billed as a 'documentary', the story concerns two robots (Peter Hurteau and Michael Reich) who drive across parts of America in a 1987 Ferrari 412 to the beat of Todd Rundgren's seminal 'International Feel'.

They arrive at a town in Inyo County, California, where all residents sport similar helmets.

The two robots drive to a high-tech facility where scientists pour liquid latex over their helmets to make grotesque human masks that anger locals.

Leaving the town and their dream of becoming human, the pair set out on a lengthy and ultimately perilous hike across the desert salt flats.

The film features no music by the French electronic duo and is without dialogue but is said to draw on their love of movies and their obsession with technology. 

It does however feature music from Brian Eno, Curtis Mayfield and Sebastian Tellier, as well as pieces by Chopin and Haydn.

The film will be screened at 11pm on 10 and 11 August at the IFI.