Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have reportedly recruited David Beckham, former England soccer team captain, to teach football to their son Maddox.

According to, five-year-old Maddox is already a student at the David Beckham Soccer Academy in Los Angeles. But the parents have also arranged for one-on-one session with Beckham himself.

A source says: "Brad has asked if there is any chance of David giving a one-on-one tutorial."

Pitt reportedly got in touch with Beckham through former soccer star turned actor Vinnie Jones.

"It seems all the ex-pats from the UK join a local football team in Hollywood. Celebs like Robbie Williams, Jason Statham and Vinnie know each other through having a knockabout. Maddox was being coached by an English guy over there who happened to tell Vinnie," the source added.

Jones, who has been pals with Beckham ever since the former England skipper promoted his soccer school in the States, then passed the information on to him.