Damon Albarn has said that Gorillaz current album 'Demon Days' could be their last.

NME.com reports that Albarn made the comments to BBC 6 Music after Gorillaz's show in New York on 5 April.

The singer said: "At the moment we're like, 'that's probably the last album we make.' I don't think we could make a better album than 'Demon Days' really, for what this is and how it works."

But the singer then appeared to cast doubt on the project disbanding by adding: "I don't know we're saying it's the end again, but it's quite a hip-hop thing to retire and come back you know."

Earlier this week Albarn's Blur bandmate Alex James said that the group were working on music for a new album, their first since 2003's 'Think Thank'.