Legendary broadcaster Ciarán Mac Mathúna has announced that he is set to retire from RTÉ Radio later this month.

His final programme in the 'Mo Cheol Thú' series will be broadcast on Sunday 27 November at 8.10am on RTÉ Radio 1.

Limerick native Mac Mathúna joined RTÉ as a radio producer in 1955, initially travelling around Ireland gathering material for Radio Éireann’s traditional music archive.

Mac Mathúna said: "It was a great pleasure to be part of RTÉ for the last 50 years. My duties were mostly ‘a job of journeywork’ – very enjoyable work indeed travelling around Ireland and many parts of America, England and Scotland recording traditional music and song."

"Meeting all the musicians was very exciting for me and I only hope that my programmes helped to make their music as popular as it is today," he said.

Adrian Moynes, MD of RTÉ Radio, said: "Ciarán Mac Mathúna is inseparable from RTÉ Radio. He is one of a small group of broadcasters whose work and personality have created the signature of radio broadcasting in Ireland."

"I am sure that all his listeners feel they know him personally and all of us – colleagues, friends and listeners – wish him fulfilment after a long career in which he gave us so much pleasure and enrichment."

Mac Mathúna's 'Mo Cheol Thú' has become one of the longest running programmes on radio.