Guy Ritchie and Madonna faced the wrath of the fans when they were booed at the London premiere of his new film 'Revolver', which has already been slated by critics.

The director and his superstar wife made little contact with the crowd of around 2,000 wellwishers who lined the red carpet in London's Leicester Square to greet them.

Instead they posed for photographs before sweeping into the cinema, with Ritchie defending the film.

He said of the criticism: "I think it was inevitable, the concept of the film is tricky and that's part of the reason I was attracted to it in the first place.

"The critics have been harsh all the way through my career but it doesn't affect me. I've accepted the rules of the game."

In contrast to the famous couple, the film's star, Jason Statham, spent nearly an hour signing autographs.

'Revolver' stars Statham as a hustler who comes out of prison and makes a fortune in Las Vegas with a card table con he learned on the inside.

He then falls foul of crooked casino boss Ray Liotta.