Pink Floyd have said that they will donate all of the profits made as a result of their performance at the Live 8 concert in London to charity.

The band reformed especially for the event, more than 20 years after they went their separate ways.

Since performing at the Hyde Park concert, Pink Floyd's album sales have soared. HMV reported that sales of 'Echoes: The Best Of Pink Floyd' were up by 1,343% since the Live 8 gig.

Guitarist David Gilmour released a statement saying: "Though the main objective has been to raise consciousness and put pressure on the G8 leaders, I will not profit from the concert."

"If on Thursday the G8 leaders tick the right three boxes at Gleneagles then the main objective will have been fulfilled," the statement said.

"If other artists feel like donating their extra royalties to charity, perhaps then the record companies could be persuaded to make a similar gesture and that would be a bonus."