RTÉ will be the first station in Europe to broadcast the final episodes of the Emmy Award-winning American TV series, 'Friends'.

RTÉ Network 2 will host 'Friends Fest', two theme nights to mark the last episodes of the sitcom on Saturday 22 and on Monday 24 May.

From 8pm on Saturday, RTÉ 2fm's Will Leahy will present four classic episodes of 'Friends', culminating in the broadcast of Ireland's favourite episode to be chosen by the public via text messages.

The second night will take place from 9pm on Monday with Leahy talking to Irish celebrities will talk about their favourite elements of the show, leading up to the broadcast of the last episode of 'Friends' at 9.30pm.

The sitcom finished its ten-year run on America's NBC channel last Thursday with an hour-long special episode.

An estimated 50m Americans watched the show.