What was the first music festival that you ever went to?
Sunstroke '92 in Dalymount Park. Faith No More, Sonic Youth, Sugar, amongst others all played, I was about 14, and Faith No More were my favourite band on the planet, so it was a deadly day all round...

Who would be on your dream festival bill (living or dead)?
This is a bit of a toughie, I reckon of the dead I'd love to see Joy Division, one of my favourite bands of all time. Perhaps if Nick Drake were up for it I'd love to see him too, and of course Jeff Buckley, what I'd give to get to see him. Then of the living, Low, Dirty Three, Songs:Ohia, Joan of Arse. There's just so many, loads of them are already playing Witnness. Perhaps Shellac, Fugazi, dEUS, Faith No More (if they were still together), The New Year, Tom Waits, Bonnie Billy. This list could get so long, there really are hundreds of band I would love to see, Hood, Ganger, Kylie (come on who wouldn't), Nick Cave, Destiny's Child (saw them at The Point, amazing stuff), The Redneck Manifesto, Goodtime John...

What is your favourite live album?
Mystery White Boy - Jeff Buckley
Dream Letter - Tim Buckley
Live At Carnegie hall - Bill Withers

What was your worst festival toilet experience?
I once saw someone get the portaloo they were in tipped over. I couldn't believe what I was seeing, the guy inside emerged covered in the blue water stuff and all sorts of other things, all over his clothes. It turned out we used to be in school together. It wasn't the nicest thing to see, he was really upset, as you would be, so I helped him get home...

What's your funniest festival story?
It's not much of a story but seeing Oasis get bottled off stage at Slane was kind of funny...

Who are you looking forward to seeing at Witnness?
Lift To Experience, Low, The Dirty Three, Tindersticks, The Frames, The Redneck Manifesto, Joan Of Arse, David Kitt.