What was the first music festival that you ever went to?
Punk all-dayer in Giro's in Belfast.

Who would be on your dream festival bill (living or dead)?
Blind Willie Johnson, Elvis, The Stooges, Cheap Trick, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, The Smiths, Gastr Del Sol, Nation Of Ulysses, Jesus Lizard, Thin Lizzy, The Exploited, Codeine, Jandek, John Renbourne, Bothy Band, Low, Palace Brothers/Music/Songs, The Legendary Stardust Cowboy, Aidan Walsh, Master Of The Universe, John Denver, Jimi Hendrix Experience, Captain Beefheart, ABBA, Queen

What is your favourite live album?
'Live and Dangerous' by Thin Lizzy

What was your worst festival toilet experience?
Not been able to hold it all in for the weekend and having to go.

What's your funniest festival story?
Watching the abysmal Sisters Of Mercy headlining one of the nights at Reading around 1989 and half the crowd were VERY serious and into it and the rest of us were dancing around in big human-trains and smiling and laughing and actually being happy in front of them and all the goths got(h) even more upset and sad and had to apply more make up to comfort themselves. I'm sure all those goths are business executives now.

Who are you looking forward to seeing at Witnness?
White Stripes, Paul O'Reilly, Low except they've cancelled.....boo!