Willard Grant Conspiracy is a  free-flowing collective of Boston-based musicians who produced the very wonderful 'Mojave' last year and have now reappeared with the sublime 'Everything's Fine'. Their music is based on the simplicity of folk melodies which, while uplifting, incorporate an intensity and darkness of vision akin to that of Mark Eitzel or Nick Cave.

According to frontman Robert Fisher, the most exciting thing is that WGC cannot be described as a band: "it's 26 different people who call themselves members of Willard Grant Conspiracy, who play whenever they can." The fact that there are many different line-ups means that songs turn out differently each time they play.

Fisher describes the musicians surrounding him as "primitives", instinctive players who "think the song first and their instrument second." This allows a lot of room for improvisation but, unlike many other bands who follow this route, self indulgence is kept to a minimum as the musicians work within a tight framework. Anyone who has witnessed the Willard Grant Conspiracy live will testify to this; they keep you rocking even as they draw your tears.

Caroline Hennessy