Rose of Tralee 2007

Easy Irish

2006 winnerMake Learning Irish easy with this fun and informative online course perfect for all the family.

Welcome to Easy Irish!, RTÉ’s special website and supplement (available with the 1-8 March edition of the RTE Guide) to celebrate Seachtain na Gaeilge (Irish Language Week) 2008, which is taking place this year again between March 3-17. This website and the supplement contain a short taster course in Irish aimed at those who have learned the language in the past (at school, perhaps) and who still remember words and phrases. There is also information about Seachtain na Gaeilge’s programme of events and other useful information regarding Irish, such as places to speak the language and where to go if you want to brush up on it.

The taster course contained in Easy Irish! focuses on useful everyday language that you can use in a wide range of situations. The course aims to give those who use it the confidence to speak Irish and to help them understand Irish speakers from various parts of the country. The emphasis is on developing listening and speaking skills and complicated jargon is avoided.

Learners can listen to all the dialogues on this website. An audio CD containing all the dialogues in the course will come free with the April 12-18 issue of the RTÉ Guide.

Those wishing to continue learning Irish can avail of Turas Teanga (, RTÉ’s intermediate level multimedia language course. This course consists of a book, three audio CDs which are closely linked to the book and twenty television programmes, available on DVD. The Turas Teanga book and CDs can be purchased online from the publishers, Gill and Macmillan (, and the DVDs can be bought directly from RTE.

An audio CD containing all the dialogues in the course will come free with the 14 – 20 April issue of the RTE Guide.

Rose of Tralee 2007
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