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Young Bloods Wicked Angels

Jacinta Sheerin and Clare Barrett from Wicked Angels..

We conclude our short series where young theatre professionals lay out their stalls and discuss their work. Tonight Jacinta Sheerin and Clare Barrett from Wicked Angels Theatre Company outline their influences, their methods, and their work in YOUNGBLOODS
Congratulations to Wicked Angels who won the Bewley's Little Gem award for 2012. I'M NOT A.D.H.D. I'M B.O.L.D with Jacinta Sheerin and Clare Barrett, directed by Veronica Coburn will be playing at Bewley's Café Theatre on Grafton Street, lunchtime Monday to Saturday at one o clock, from January 14th 2013.
The theme of Youngbloods is from Peter Greenaway's film "The Belly of An Architect" and is composed and performed by Wim Merte

Sound supervision was by Sarah May Leech

Youngbloods was produced by Kevin Reynolds.