RTÉ Radio 1 Drama On One

The Short Biography of Denis O'Rourke

Paul Meade's play explores the ethical boundaries of genetics..

'The Short Biography of Denis O'Rourke' by Paul Meade. Drama On One's 'What Is Life?' season continues with the third of four plays inspired by the world of science, marking the 70th anniversary, this year, of the 'What Is Life' lecture series in Dublin by Erwin Schrödinger, physicist and Nobel Laureate.

Before Denis is born, his mother receives pre-implantation diagnosis. As a result, the dwarfism he would have inherited has been circumvented. But this very intervention makes him different to his siblings, and causes unforeseen problems for Denis - in a thought-provoking play investigating the ethical boundaries of genetics and medical practice.

Written by Paul Meade.

Featuring Enda Oates, Karen Ardiff, Joe Hanley, Peter Hanly, Jennifer O'Dea and Gerry McCann

Producer Aidan Mathews