RTÉ Radio 1 Drama On One

Wee Black Bees By Little John Nee

Blues loving Sparkplug and the Wee Black Bees!..

Drama On One’s What Is Life season continues with the second of four plays inspired the world of science, marking the 70th anniversary, this year, of the ‘What Is Life’ lecture series in Dublin by Erwin Schrödinger, physicist and Nobel Laureate.

Little John Nee has delighted audiences far and wide with his unique brand of story theatre, built around his character, Sparkplug, a mechanic with a love of blues music. In ‘Wee Black Bees’, Sparkplug goes on an odyssey of self-education when he is entrusted with the care of failing bee hives on a nearby farm. As a bluesman he feels for the drones that are ejected from the hives - but he also realises that he must learn more about the fragile eco-system in his care.

Featuring Little John Nee (Sparkplug), Lalor Roddy (Dessie Hanlon), Tara Lynne O’Neill (Rosa), Orlaith Gilcreest (Ruby, Norma), Fionn Robinson (Jesus) and John Kelly (as himself).

Original music by Little John Nee (Vocals\Guitars\Harmonium\Kalimba), Orlaith Gilcreest (Vocals\Clarinet\Ewi) and Fionn Robinson (Vocals\Guitars), all of the The Highly Strung Orchestra, with additional music by Jimmy Fitzgerald

Dramaturg: Jesper Bergmann

Sound Supervision by Tom Norton

Producer Kevin Brew.