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RTÉ Radio 1 Drama On One

A Christmas Reverie by Ian Gordon

It's the eve of Nora and James's first blind date...

By a coincidence that’s more than chance and less than choice, A CHRISTMAS REVERIE steps out on the eve of Bloomsday, the Feast of James Joyce and Nora Barnacle’s first blind-date. It is, in fact, an Epiphany piece for a Midsummer broadcast. The author of Ulysses, who appears in the play as his middle-aged self, would be pleased by such swirling serendipity; and Count John McCormack, who’s cast as the writer’s altered ego in the only other role in this strange, stationary drama, would sing it out loud if he had an air. And he does – if you listen to the very end, that is.

Mark Lambert stars as Ireland’s most famous ex-Jesuit and Jonathan White as the great tenor of the gramophone era in A CHRISTMAS REVERIE, the record of an imaginary encounter by landscape-artist Ian Gordon who won second place in the 2014 PJ O’Connor Awards.

Featuring Mark Lambert and Jonathan White

Producer Aidan Mathews