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A Muse is it I Am? by Richard Woulfe

A Bloomsday bouquet for the Feast of Jim and Nora.

Set in the Hapsburg seaport of Trieste in the warm cinders of the Belle Epoque, our Bloomsday bouquet for the Feast of Jim and Nora considers the most famous of all Irish migrations. By Richard Woulfe, himself an emigrant.

The Feast of Corpus Christi has been replaced in recent years by the Carnival of Bloomsday, the memorial of a more mundane redemption than the church-calendar commemorates; but the two symbolic shindigs are ultimately about the same business. They exalt the earth, both earthen & earthy, in their celebration of the life, death and resurrection of human love in the ordinary world. Set in Trieste (where, by coincidence, another ex-Belvederian, John McCourt, is currently Professor of English at the city’s university), Richard Woulfe’s laconic account of the Joyce ménage - for Stannie, his brother’s weeper, was there to make it a trio, though never a threesome – is a charming recapitulation of Dublin’s most cherished Doppelganger.

Featuring : Hugh O’Conor as James Joyce
Kate Stanley Brennan asNora Barnacle
Peter Hanly as Stanislaus Joyce
Aine Ní Mhuirí as Aunt Josephine
Mark Lambert as Signore Prezioso

Producer Aidan Mathews